13 Sep

The Birth of An Exquisite Theatre Center in Taiwan

Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center cordially invites art enthusiasts from all over the world to join them on 3 Oct in Taipei for their grand opening! The day will start with a Taiwan Traditional Art Parade and continue with the unveiling of the 16th edition of Asia Pacific Traditional Art Festival (APTAF), which will be held till 15 Oct. Art lovers who visit the center later this year will also be pampered with a rich variety of traditional art performances with the Zhishan Theatre Festival from 16 Oct to 31 Dec.

Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center, supervised by National Center for Traditional Arts, is a newly-built professional theatre dedicated to traditional performing arts. Its unique architectural design is inspired by the characteristic of Chinese theatre stage setting of “one table and two chairs”. The Centre is equipped with a Main Theatre (1,036 seats), an Experimental Theatre (240 seats), Taiwan Music Institute, Plaza, Multi Halls, and Rehearsal Rooms of varying capacities, providing professional performance groups a quality venue and sophisticated theatre services.

The Centre will play a key role in driving the preservation and evolution of traditional performance arts in Taiwan. In particular, it will organise and promote high quality art programmes that reinvent traditional art with contemporary innovation or futuristic conceptions. Secondly, it will provide professional theatre production resources and services to boost the creative energy of independent or emerging traditional art talents. Finally, educational outreach programmes will be launched to expand the audience base and nurture more avid fans of traditional arts in Taiwan.

The official opening of Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center  promises to be a magnificent feast of traditional arts. During the opening ceremony, major temples and performance groups in the neighborhood will join hands in a Traditional Art Parade, which will end with a lively show-down of all participating troupes at the Center’s Plaza. In the afternoon, the Centre will celebrate the opening of the 16th APTAF. APTAF launched in 2000, has become one of Taiwan’s leading international traditional arts festivals with an outstanding reputation. The Festival presents unique and diverse fields of ethnic music, dance, puppetry and classic theatre around Asia-Pacific region. This year,  the Festival adopts the theme of Experiencing Traditional Arts-Taiwan and Mekong River, featuring performance companies and craftsmen from six countries on the Mekong River, including China, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia, hosting the various workshops, international forums, performance programs and craftsman studios in two locations, namely Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center and the National Center for Traditional Arts in Yilan.

Asia Pacific Traditional Art Festival (APTAF)

The baton of traditional art extravaganzas will then be passed to Zhishan Theatre Festival. World renowned performance companies including GuoGuang Opera Company, National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, and Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company and many other local performance groups will take the stage and indulge the audience with quintessential Taiwanese opera, Hakka opera, Beijing Opera, Yuju Opera, Kunqu Opera, crossover music and dance programmes.

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