About Us


The Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Centres (AAPPAC) has a network of 73 members from over 20 countries, comprising 41 prominent performing arts centres in the Asia-Pacific region as its full members, and 32 internationally reputable arts venues and organisations as well as related businesses and arts industry associations as our Peak Business Circle and Business Circle Representatives.

The dialogue between members and representatives facilitates exchanges in information on programmes, training opportunities, marketing and management initiatives, as well as technical issues. Having access to key decision makers of major performing arts centres in the Asia-Pacific, members are in touch with the latest developments in the arts scene and are presented with numerous opportunities for networking and discourse.

79 Members
20 Countries
41 Arts Centres in Asia-Pacific
38 Business Circle Members


AAPPAC was established in 1996 with the assistance of a number of prominent performing arts centres in the Asia Pacific region. AAPPAC was created with a focus of:

Establishing the Asia Pacific region as a leader in the performing arts industry.

Promoting the exchange of artistic programmes in arts centres.

Fostering closer ties and better understanding amongst the people of the region.

Establishing and providing an information network for arts centres and fostering development and growth of technical, administrative and management skills and expertise available within the region.


The AAPPAC symbol is representative of the energy generated by performers. Starting as a small ripple the energy then becomes a wave as it touches more and more people.