18 - 21 Oct

Culture & Tourism – TPO Conference in Tongyeong

Tongyeong will be hosting the 8th General Assembly of Tourism Promotion Organisation for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO) from 18 to 21 Oct. TPO is a network of Asia Pacific Cities established since 2002 for the purpose of promoting tourism in the Asia Pacific region. It currently comprises 81 cities and 40 non-profit and non-government organisations in the Asia Pacific countries.

Tongyeong is a welcoming and dynamic city full of diverse experiences. Though small in size, Tongyeong is a prominent leader in domestic tourism market and wants to stay ahead of the curve in the field of tourism. Joining this network makes it possible for member cities to cooperate through partnerships for further development.

Every city has its distinguished charms that appeal to tourists. High attractiveness and a strong appeal play a crucial role in attracting visitors, which is related to economic vibrancy as well. Thus, improving city or country’s brand image is being regarded as a very important, common practice across the globe. Featuring the theme City Brand and Tourism, Tongyeong, successfully developing its city brand as UNESCO Creative City of Music, invites people to discuss ways to attract more tourists by strengthening the city’s brand image and upgrading their charms. The meeting will be an excellent opportunity for member cities to reflect on their current strength and seek a way to promote tourism by further developing their city brand images.

Tongyeong Concert Hall will be used as a main venue for this event. Beyond the plenary sessions, various additional programmes including a musical performance will be offered to make the event more entertaining. The city of Tongyeong will work hard to make this biennial gathering as meaningful as possible for the participants in cooperation with Tongyeong International Music Foundation.

Visit Tongyeong Concert Hall’s website here.