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The Innovation Series of Theatre and Dance

The NTCH has long been devoted to supporting innovative talents. They first started the Experimental Theatre Series in 1988, and has evolved over time: expanding to include dance productions in 1995; renamed as the Innovation Series in 2003; and further expanding to include music productions in 2013. This spring, the Innovation Series of Theatre and Dance will introduce a total of six productions.

  • From 4 – 27 May: Innovation Series of Theatre

How does the theatre gain grounds in reaching teen audiences in an age where the younger generation is at the centre of turf wars in a wide-spectrum of industries, including film, internet, comic books, novels and even philosophy?

This May, the NTCH’s Innovation Series of Theatre has chosen The Secrets of the Heart as its curatorial theme. Taking a deep look into the obscure and uncertain veil shrouding the adolescence, which is often the key to our courses of life. Therefore, to understand the secrets held in the hearts of the younger generation may well become the key to unlocking the future of our society.

2018 Innovation Series of Theatre

Seeking to raise awareness on this across age groups and social classes, the Innovation Series of Theatre hopes to combine creativity, diversity and popularity when handpicking its programmes this year. Among other programmes in the series, the Taipei-based Voleur du Feu Theatre presents Transfer Student, a manga-style play written by Oriza Hirata that has been adapted and staged many times in Japan. Hello! My Demian by Ex-Theatre Asia aims to find a common voice that resonates across generations of adolescence and a dialogue to connect them through an adaptation of Demian: The Story of Emil Sinclair’s Youth by the German poet and novelist Hermann Hesse. Co-coism’s Test the Test experiments with an immersive experience, mixing their performances with audience participation. Through inviting the theatre-goers to engage in examination-like activities while walking around freely in the theatre, it strives to parse the far-reaching impact of our deeply ingrained “culture of examination”.

In addition to the above performances, this year’s Innovation Series of Theatre will also hold forums (26 May) and workshops (27 May), in which French and German theatre operators are invited to share their ideas on producing theatre programmes for the younger generation, and to discuss the potential development of Taiwanese theatre’s adolescent market with representatives from the island’s active promoters of young adult drama.

  • From 1 – 8 Jun: Innovation Series of Dance

The Innovation Series of Dance is among NTCH’s most distinctive and forward-looking programmes that trailblaze new trends of creativity. It continues to make powerful and resonant introductions of up and coming local choreographers. With the recognition of NTCH, a brand that guarantees attention and spotlight, these promising choreographers thrive in the performing arts arena, proving that the Innovation Series of Dance is a critical platform for the young artists.

Theme of the 2018 Innovation Series of DanceThe Rite of Spring (Le Sacre du Printemps)

The concept embodied by Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring has always been the most sought-after theme amongst contemporary choreographers ever since it was written in 1913. The idea of “sacrifice” has drawn generations of artists to re-interpret it and re-converse with it in their own perspectives.

Xavier Le Roy

With its 31st anniversary approaching, the NTCH invites artists to re-interpret The Rite of Spring while engaging each other in dialogues, in an attempt to borrow the historically rich icon for the present days. Being regarded as an artistic and conceptual icon representing breakthroughs, innovations, adventures, and transformations or even metamorphoses in our time, The Rite of Spring was a controversial piece bombarded by overwhelming criticism and derogatory sarcasm back in its own days. Time alone has proven it classic. This is exactly the experimental spirit that propelled the NTCH’s Innovation Series of Dance to continue seeking the unprecedented and the avant-garde.

The dance series this year includes two foreign programmes, one by Hong Kong’s Dick Wong and one by France’s Xavier Le Roy, both borrowing the music of The Rite of Spring for their conceptual experiments. Another programme in the series, Mixed Program, stages three up and coming local choreographers in one production, while each developing their own short pieces. The Series strives to place the emerging artists from Taiwan in the dialogue and communication with international artists. This year, choreographers Lin Su-Lien, Liu Yen-Cheng and Liu Kuan-Hsiang each expresses their interpretation of doomsday sacrifice, or post-sacrifice awareness.

From 1 – 3 Jun (3 shows): The Rite of Spring by Dick Wong

From 15 – 17 Jun (4 shows): Mixed Program, Liu Yen-Cheng, Lin Su-Lien and Liu Kuan-Hsiang

From 6 – 8 Jul (4 shows): The Rite of Spring by Xavier Le Roy

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